A la Carte

We try to update our online menus weekly but as we print our restaurant menus daily certain dishes may vary.

Sample Baltic Dinner Menu – FEB 2020

 A la Carte menu is available from 12.00pm – 3.00pm (4.30pm weekends) and from 5.30pm – 11.15pm (10.30pm Sundays). For groups of then and above we kindly ask our guests to choose one of our Set Menus.

Please see below our Sample A la Carte:


Barszcz – Clear Beetroot Soup with Pasztecik 6.00

Sledz – Marinated Herring with Pickles 7.00

Roast Beetroot with Mild spices, Creme Fraiche and Carrot Chips 7.00 (v)

Salad of Asparagus, Kale, Bean and pumpkin Seeds with Maple, Mustard and Vinegar dressing 7.50 (v)

Baked Mushrooms with Paluszki Biscuits 7.00 (v)

 Crab and Crayfish Salad with Celery and  Apple 8.50

Steak Tartar – Fillet of Beef with Toast & Pickles (with Chips as a Main Course) 9.00 18.50


Pierogi – Potato, Cheese and Spring Onion 7.00 13.00 (v)
Fried Kopytka Dumplings with Chestnut, Spinach and Mushrooms £8.50 (v)
Siberian Pelmeni – Small Veal & Pork Dumplings 7.50 13.00


Potato Rosti topped with:

Spiced sauteed Chicken Livers with Dried Cherries 7.50 15.00

Kaszanka- Black Sausage with Apples and Onions 8.00 16.00

Gravadlax – Dill and Vodka marinated Salmon  with Dill & Mustard Dressing 8.00 16.00


Smoked Salmon 8.50 16.00
Aubergine Caviar 5.00 9.50 (v)
Marinated Herring 7.50 15.00
Keta Caviar 9.50 17.50
Selection (of the above) 8.50 16.00

Royal Oscietra Caviar served with Chopped Egg, Onion and Sour Cream (30g/50g) 40.00 65.00


Pork Schnitzel a la Holstein with Potatoes, Anchovies, Capers & Fried Egg 17.50

Bavette Steak with Horseradish, Chilli and Pickle dressing served with Salad and Chips 16.50

Choucroute of Golonka, Pork Belly and Polish Sausages with Surowka 17.50

Chargrilled Rump of Lamb with Smoked Aubergine & Garlic Yoghurt 19.00

Braised Rabbit Leg stuffed with Kohlrabi, Cabbage and Bacon 17.50

Bozbash – Georgian Lamb Stew with Okra, Tomato and Pomegranate 18.00

Roast Duck Leg with Spiced Red Cabbage and Apples 17.50


Roast Cod with Spelt, Rainbow Chards and Mushrooms 17.50

Pan–fried Sea Bream with Braised Fennel and Tomato Salsa 17.00

Kulebiak – Salmon in a Pastry with Leek, Kasza and mushrooms 18.00

Smoked Haddock & Salmon Fishcakes with Kale and White wine sauce 15.50


Goat’s Cheese Polenta with Beetroot, Braod Beans, Pine nuts and Rocket 14.50

Salad of Asparagus, Kale, Bean and Pumpkin Seeds with Maple, Mustard and Vinegar dressing 14.50