Our Bar Food Menu 2019  extensive  features such signature Baltic’s dishes as Steak Tartar and Spiced Chicken Livers among many light starters, snacks and mains as well as our famous Blinis and Dumplings.

Sharing Platters for 2

Zakuski Platter £14.00

Smalec, Kabanos, Herring, Pickles and Toasts

Dumpling Platter £14.00

Pelmeni, Pierogi & Kopytka Dumplings

Vegetarian Platter £13.00

Spiced Chickpea Dip, Beetroot & Fennel Dip, Flatbread, Vegetables, Sauerkraut and Mushroom Croquettes


Placki- Potato Pancakes with:

Kaszanka – Grilled black Sausage with Apple and Onion £8.00

Gravadlax – Dill and Vodka Marinated Salmon  £8.00

Sauateedchciekn Livers with Dried Cherries – £7.00


Smoked Salmon £7.50 £14.00

Marinated Herring £7.00 £13.50

Keta Caviar £9.50 £17.50

Mushroom Caviar (v) £5.00 £8.50

Selection of the Above £9.50 £16.00


Deep fried Kopytka Dumplings with Pepper Relish (v) £4.50

Siberian Pelmeni – Small Dumplings filled with Veal and Pork £7.50 / £13.00

Pierogi – Dumplings with Cheese, Potato & Spring Onion (v) £7.00 / £13.00


Soup of the Day with Bread and Pickles £5.00

Grilled Biala Sausage with Fried potatoes, Onion and Sauerkraut £6.50

Sledz – Marinated Herring with Pickled Vegetables £7.00

Small Smoked Haddock Fishcakes – With Dill Mayonnaise £7.00

Crab and Crayfish Salad with Kohlrabi and Apple £8.00

Steak Tartar – Beef Fillet with Pickles, Toast and Salad £9.50

Homemade Chips with Tartar Sauce £4.50

Khachapuri (v) – Georgian Cheese Braed£5.50

Kabanos Sausage with Dill Cuvumbers, Mustard and Bread £4.50

Spicy Beetroots with Fennel and Walnuts served with Goat’s Curd £6.50