Do you love vodka &/or cocktails?

Do you want to learn how to shake or stir in style, and have a great deal of fun whilst doing so? If yes, then this is the class for you. Our head barman, would love to teach you the history of the spirits, why some are better than others and how to make them. If you wish groups are split into two to compete for the best cocktails made, meaning you get the chance to test out newly acquired skills by sampling the range of drinks that you’ve created (yes hard life!!) and each person from the winning team will receive a free vodka shot each. At the end of it all you take home great bartending skills to entertain your own guests whenever you like.

  • Learn fascinating facts about vodka
  • Learn about ingredients and techniques used
  • All ingredients used will be easily accessible so that you can enjoy impressing friends at home
  • Group can be split into 2 to compete for the best cocktails

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